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Blagger [1984, MSX, Alligata]

TitlescreenIn-Game Screenshot
TitlescreenIn-Game Screenshot
Title: Blagger
Original Title: ブラッガー
Year: 1984 Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Platform: MSX  Sound: Sound: PSG 
Developer: Alligata Publisher: Microcabin

While the scrolling text loops in the main screen, press trigger once (space or button) really fast. If the game starts as usual, repeat trying to get a faster pressing. As a reference, you can look closely the char under the 'L' from "LEVEL" and you'll see a key that appears briefly; if the key stays, you've enter the cheat mode.


Press during the title screen at the cursor up key, followed by [Space], and you can select your starting field.

Posted by Andrea from "The Software Bin (MSX)" on 2016-05-24 19:38:42
Updated on 2016-05-24 19:38:42

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