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Codename: INTRUDER [2016, MSX, bit Vision]

TitlescreenIn-Game Screenshot
TitlescreenIn-Game Screenshot
Title: Codename: INTRUDER
Original Title: Codename: INTRUDER
Year: 2016 Genre: Shoot-'em-up (All)
Platform: Platform: MSX  Sound: Sound: PSG  Sound: SCC 
Developer: bit Vision Publisher: bit Vision

- Booting the game, pressing ESC until the V9990 logo is displayed, will make Codename:INTRUDER quite easier. This cheat is displayed during the credits scene on the secondary screen once the game is completed in regular difficulty.

- If you run CodenamerR:INTRUDER with Arcomage inserted on any slot/subslot, your space ship will be immune to everything but crashing with final bosses.

- Alternative ending is displayed if players score more than 250.000

- Booting the game pressing D (for 'Debugging') will show if SCC chip was found and werer (slot/subslot) and where Intruder was inserted (slot/subslot)

Posted by bit Vision on 2017-01-26 02:09:06
Updated on 2017-01-26 02:09:06

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