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MSX Game Developer Year
Bet Your Life
Bet Your LifePlatform: MSX2 Platform: MSX2+ Platform: MSX TURBO R
Sound: MSX-Music  Sound: MSX-Audio 
Hegega 1994
Blade Lords
Blade LordsPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG  Sound: MSX-Music 
Parallax 1994
Blagger (ブラッガー)
BlaggerPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Alligata 1984
Blow Up!
Blow Up!Platform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Eurosoft 1987
Bomb Jack (MSX2) (Bomb Jack)
Bomb Jack (MSX2)Platform: MSX2
Sound: PSG 
Kralizec 2004
BombamanPlatform: MSX2
Sound: MSX-Music  Sound: MoonSound 
TeamBomba 2004
BombermanPlatform: MSX2
Sound: MSX-Music  Sound: MSX-Audio 
Paragon Productions 1995
Boomerang (ブーメラン)
BoomerangPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
ASCII 1984
Bozo's Big Adventure
Bozo's Big AdventurePlatform: MSX2
Sound: MSX-Music 
Cabinet 1992
Breaker Breaker
Breaker BreakerPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Eurosoft 1988
BriskPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG  Sound: MSX-Music 
Triple Soft 1993
Bubble Bobble (バブルボブル)
Bubble BobblePlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG 
TAITO 1987
Bubble Rain
Bubble RainPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG  Sound: MSX-Music  Sound: MoonSound 
Imanok 2001

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