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MSX Game Developer Year
Gall Force - Defense of Chaos (ガルフォース)
Gall Force - Defense of ChaosPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Sony 1986
Game Over
Game OverPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Dinamic 1988
Game Over II
Game Over IIPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Dinamic 1988
Girly Block (ガーリーブロック)
Girly BlockPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG 
Telenet Japan 1987
GonzzalezzPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Opera Soft 1989
Goonies, The (グーニーズ)
Goonies, ThePlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Konami 1986
Great Gianna Sisters, The
Great Gianna Sisters, ThePlatform: MSX2
Sound: MSX-Music 
MGF 1993
Green Gravity Guy (GGG) (Green Gravity Guy)
Green Gravity Guy (GGG)Platform: MSX
Sound: PSG  Sound: SCC 
bit Vision 2016
Guardic (ガーディック)
GuardicPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Compile 1986
GuttblasterPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Eurosoft 1988

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