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MSX Game Developer Year
Macross Countdown (マクロスカウントダウン)
Macross CountdownPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Bothtec 1985
Mad Mix Game
Mad Mix GamePlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Topo Soft 1988
Magical Kid Wiz (魔法使いウィズ)
Magical Kid WizPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Sony 1986
Makaijima - Higemaru (魔界島)
Makaijima - HigemaruPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG 
Capcom 1987
Mask III: Venom Strikes Back
Mask III: Venom Strikes BackPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Gremlin Graphics 1988
Metal Gear (メタルギア)
Metal GearPlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG 
Konami 1987
Mirai (未来)
MiraiPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Sein Soft / XAIN Soft / Zainsoft 1987
Montana John and the Templar's Treasure
Montana John and the Templar's TreasurePlatform: MSX2
Sound: PSG  Sound: SCC 
Infinite 2008
MoonriderPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Aackosoft 1986
Mortadelo y Filemón II - Safari callejero
Mortadelo y Filemón II - Safari callejeroPlatform: MSX
Sound: PSG 
Animagic 1990

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