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Important! These are patch downloads, not the original game!

Remember to back up your source file before applying a patch onto it.

IPS patch Information:

These files can be applied to a file on MSX using IPS4MSX.

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA) Information:

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA for short) is a file format by BiFi, created to apply IPS files on disks that may have the files on different locations (sectors) of a disk.

This can be applied using the Multi IPS Archive tools.

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Medium: ROM Ulver's Vampire Killer crack: engery, clash, money, player, F1 key change BiFiMSX IPS Patch
Medium: ROM Vampire Killer invincible BiFiMSX IPS Patch

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :vampirekiller
!(c) 2005 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2005 Patrick van Arkel
!(c) 2008 Benoît Delvaux
0,50198,0,0,leather whip
0,50198,1,0,chain whip
0,50198,4,0,blue cross
0,50198,5,0,holy water
0,50200,0,0,boss dies after 1 hit
0,50213,0,0,y-pos hero (0-192)
0,50215,0,0,x-pos hero (0-255)
0,50221,255,0,invincible (de-select on stage 12 for teleports)
0,50225,24,0,boots + wings
0,50228,255,0,invulnerable (sapphire ring)
0,50234,255,0,invisible (blue crystal)
0,50238,255,0,flashing screen (gold cross)
0,50240,255,0,silver cross
0,50944,255,0,yellow key
0,50945,1,0,white key
0,50945,8,0,white key + holy water
0,50945,16,0,white key + red shield
0,50945,24,0,white key + holy water + red shield
0,50945,32,0,white key + gold shield
0,50945,40,0,white key + holy water + gold shield
0,50945,48,0,white key + red shield + gold shield
0,50945,56,0,white key + holy water + red shield + gold shield
0,50945,64,0,white key + hourglass
0,50945,72,0,white key + holy water + hourglass
0,50945,80,0,white key + red shield + hourglass
0,50945,88,0,white key + holy water + red shield + hourglass
0,50945,96,0,white key + gold shield + hourglass
0,50945,104,0,white key + holy water + gold shield + hourglass
0,50945,112,0,white key + red shield + gold shield + hourglass
0,50945,120,0,white key + holy water + red shield + gold shield + hourglass
0,50945,128,0,white key + map
0,50945,136,0,white key + holy water + map
0,50945,144,0,white key + red shield + map
0,50945,152,0,white key + holy water + red shield + map
0,50945,160,0,white key + gold shield + map
0,50945,168,0,white key + holy water + gold shield + map
0,50945,176,0,white key + red shield + gold shield + map
0,50945,184,0,white key + holy water + red shield + gold shield + map
0,50945,192,0,white key + hourglass + map
0,50945,200,0,white key + holy water + hourglass + map
0,50945,208,0,white key + red shield + hourglass + map
0,50945,216,0,white key + holy water + red shield + hourglass + map
0,50945,224,0,white key + gold shield + hourglass + map
0,50945,232,0,white key + holy water + gold shield + hourglass + map
0,50945,240,0,white key + red shield + gold shield + hourglass + map
0,50945,255,0,white key + holy water + red shield + gold shield + hourglass + map
0,50946,64,0,black bible
0,50946,65,0,candle + black bible
0,50946,128,0,white bible
0,50946,129,0,candle + white bible
0,50959,3,0,activate map
0,51205,128,0,x-pos enemy 1
0,51213,1,0,strength enemy 1
0,51333,128,0,x-pos enemy 2
0,51341,1,0,strength enemy 2
0,51461,128,0,x-pos enemy 3
0,51469,1,0,strength enemy 3
0,53264,0,0,enemies are not frozen (required for final fight)
0,53264,1,0,enemies are frozen
0,58880,255,0,game master combo
Benoît Delvaux
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Manual Hydragon

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