About Hydragon

My name is Alex Koedooder, resident in The Netherlands, but on the digital highway, I'm known as Hydragon.

My MSX has become my passion quite fast since my youth and by whom, of course, my parents, of course. My first "own" MSX was a Sony Hitbit 501-P, later on to my dad's MSX2 Philips NMS 8245. And since I moved in on my own I got my hands on a MSX2 Philips NMS 8250 which I still enjoy working and playing games on. In the past I have been to various fairs with my father and later around 2002 to Bussum and several tours like Nijmegen, Tilburg and Oss.

In the past was an editor of MSX World Wide Magazine, formerly known as MSX Info Blad, by Totally Chaos. Since October 2009, the website started with the name CheatMSX, it has been 2.5 years due to private circumstances, but returned in the autumn of 2015, which is available at www.CheatMSX.com.

MSX is a hobby and passion that started for me from a young age, this is something that nobody ever can ever take away from me. Have various MSX Computers and other game computers in my collection and these will not go out my house. MSX is for me more than just nostalgia, it's an important part of my life, and it always will be.

If there are any questions, you can always ask them by mail or by sending me a messsage on social media.

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as editor

  • MSX World Wide Magazine
  • MSX Resource Center

as level designer

  • X0RZ (2009) by Metal Soft
  • QBIQS (2010) by Z80ST Software

as gameplay tester

  • X0RZ (2009) by Metal Soft
  • QBIQS (2010) by Z80ST Software
  • Neopong 512 (2010) by Z80ST Software