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Press W to pause the game! enter following codes:

CUBICNATUREI ( For Infinite Lives )
CUBICNATUREC ( For Choosing Rooms )

Press Shift to resume the game.
Room codes have to be entered while
game is active, in which 0 is always the activator.
Example : hold 14 pressed and then press 0 and you will be teleported to "On a Branch Over the Drive"
Note: Not all codes work in emulation, all these codes were tested on a real machine though. 6 digit Room codes like 124560 won't work, while 5 digit room codes like 14560 will work in an emulator like openMSX.

Here's a list of all room codes including the 0 as activator!

0The Off Licence0
1The Bridge10
2Under the MegaTree20
3At the Foot of the MegaTree120
4The Drive30
5The Security Guard130
6Entrance to Hades230
7Cuckoo's Nest1230
8Inside the MegaTrunk40
9On a Branch Over the Drive140
10The Front Door240
11The Hall1240
12Tree Top340
13Out on a limb1340
14Rescue Esmerelda2340
15I'm sure I've seen this before..12340
16We must perform a Quirkafleeg50
17Up on the Battlements150
18On the Roof250
19The Forgotten Abbey1250
20Ballroom East350
21Ballroom West1350
22To the Kitchens Main Stairway2350
23The Kitchen12350
24West of Kitchen450
25Cold Store1450
26East Wall Base2450
27The Chapel12450
28First Landing3450
29The Nightmare Room13450
30The Banyan Tree23450
31Swimming Pool123450
32Halfway up the East Wall60
33The Bathroom160
34Top Landing260
35Master Bedroom1260
36A bit of tree360
38Priests' Hole2360
39Emergency Generator12360
40Dr Jones will never believe this460
41The Attic1460
42Under the Roof2460
43Conservatory Roof12460
44On top of the house3460
45Under the Drive13460
46Tree Root23460
47How did I get into here?123460
48Nomen Luni560
49The Wine Cellar1560
50Watch Tower2560
51Tool Shed12560
52Back Stairway3560
53Back Door13560
54West Wing23560
55West Bedroom123560
56West Wing Roof4560
57Above the West Bedroom14560
58The Beach24560
59The Yacht124560
60The Bow34560

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