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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :towerofdruaga
!(c) 2006 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2006 Patrick van Arkel
!(c) 2013 Benoît Delvaux
0,59895,0,0,treasure not revealed
0,59895,1,0,treasure revealed and taken
0,59909,128,0,infinite time
0,59917,250,0,unlimited using of pickaxes
0,59918,1,0,always has key
0,60260,1,0,copper pickaxe
0,60261,1,0,jet boots
0,60262,1,0,healing potion
0,60264,1,0,white sword
0,60265,1,0,candle 1
0,60266,1,0,silver pickaxe
0,60267,1,0,power potion 1
0,60268,1,0,bad potion 1
0,60270,1,0,candle 2
0,60272,1,0,purple shield
0,60273,1,0,dragon potion
0,60274,1,0,white necklace
0,60275,1,0,permanent candle
0,60276,1,0,unlock potion 1
0,60277,1,0,dragonslayer sword
0,60278,1,0,book of light
0,60279,1,0,power potion 2
0,60280,1,0,white ring
0,60281,1,0,bad potion 2
0,60283,1,0,balance 1
0,60285,1,0,hyper gauntlet
0,60286,1,0,purple necklace
0,60287,1,0,book of gates
0,60288,1,0,gold pickaxe
0,60289,1,0,unlock potion 2
0,60291,1,0,balance 2
0,60292,1,0,hyper shield
0,60293,1,0,book of keys
0,60294,1,0,bad potion 3
0,60295,1,0,balance 3
0,60296,1,0,hyper helmet
0,60297,1,0,white crystal rod
0,60298,1,0,purple ring
0,60299,1,0,death potion
0,60300,1,0,cure potion
0,60301,1,0,sapphire mace
0,60302,1,0,bad potion 4
0,60303,1,0,balance 4
0,60304,1,0,excalibur sword
0,60305,1,0,blue necklace
0,60306,1,0,unlock potion 3
0,60307,1,0,purple crystal rod
0,60308,1,0,bad potion 5
0,60309,1,0,power potion 3
0,60310,1,0,balance 5
0,60311,1,0,hyper armor
0,60312,1,0,unlock potion 4
0,60313,1,0,blue ring
0,60316,1,0,ruby mace
0,60317,1,0,blue crystal rod
0,60318,1,0,druaga defeated
Benoît Delvaux

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