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Extra Lives

Hold down the letters K, L and F when you start the game for extra lives.

Level Warps

Stage Warp Location
Stage 3 Stand on the second stone and jump to the left.
You can also warp by standing under the last rock
and jumping up.
Stage 9 After crossing, stand on the lowest wall and jump.
You'll warp to stage 12.
Stage 10 After the yellow worm, near the bee,
jump high and you'll find the warp.
Stage 13 Jump up near the end gate.
Stage 17 Jump to the left near the second black object.
Stage 18 Jump left near the first set of rocks.
Stage 19 Jump right near the first fire.
Stage 21 Stand on the first wall and jump up to the left.
Stage 25 At the first stone with a star on it,
jump quickly to the left and you'll warp to stage 28.
Stage 27 Stand on the five blocks that are together
and jump to the left.
Stage 29 At the first stone with a star on it,
jump quickly to the left.

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