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Posted by Hydragon on 2016-05-23 10:56:43

On the equipment screen, select the cigar. Then select the Transceiver with the cigar in Snake's mouth. Select frequency 140.07 and you'll hear some music on your radio.

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All 3 maps packed in a zip file Benoît Delvaux
Basements Benoît Delvaux
First floor Benoît Delvaux
Other floors Benoît Delvaux

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English Walkthrough MSX Nostalgia

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These files can be applied to a file on MSX using IPS4MSX.

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA) Information:

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA for short) is a file format by BiFi, created to apply IPS files on disks that may have the files on different locations (sectors) of a disk.

This can be applied using the Multi IPS Archive tools.

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Medium: ROM Solid Snake hidden menu patch BiFiMSX IPS Patch
Medium: ROM Ulver's Solid Snake crack: god mode[all trap], full items BiFiMSX IPS Patch

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