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Posted by Hydragon on 2015-11-02 08:59:36

(Press CTRL in Title Screen)

JUBA RUINS - Dunhang (Stage 2)
HARAPPA RUINS - Alchi (Stage 3)
GANDHARA RUINS - Hunza (Stage 4)
MOHENJO DARO - Agra (Stage 5)

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Map MSX Solutions

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IPS patch Information:

These files can be applied to a file on MSX using IPS4MSX.

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA) Information:

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA for short) is a file format by BiFi, created to apply IPS files on disks that may have the files on different locations (sectors) of a disk.

This can be applied using the Multi IPS Archive tools.

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Medium: ROM Usas invincible BiFiMSX IPS Patch

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :usas
!(c) 2005 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2005 Patrick van Arkel
0,49669,255,0,all combi's with konami carts
0,49736,0,0,wit can jump more than twice
0,49750,1,0,invincible player
0,49765,0,0,wit can jump more than twice
0,49766,255,0,wit's unlimited air walk
0,49840,0,0,free wit
0,49841,4,0,wit's stars for speed
0,49842,2,0,wit's stars for jumping
0,49845,255,0,live for wit
0,49846,0,0,cles's mood happy
0,49846,1,0,cles's mood normal
0,49846,2,0,cles's mood sad
0,49846,3,0,cles's mood angry
0,49848,1,0,vitality rate 1 coin
0,49849,0,0,vitality rate 1 coin
0,49850,1,0,vitality rate 1 coin
0,49851,0,0,vitality rate 1 coin
0,49852,1,0,speed rate 1 coin
0,49853,0,0,speed rate 1 coin
0,49872,0,0,free cless
0,49873,4,0,cles's stars for speed
0,49874,2,0,cles's stars for jumping
0,49877,255,0,live for cles
0,49878,0,0,wit's mood happy
0,49878,1,0,wit's mood normal
0,49878,2,0,wit's mood sad
0,49878,3,0,wit's mood angry
0,49880,1,0,speed rate 1 coin
0,49881,0,0,speed rate 1 coin
0,49882,1,0,jump rate 1 coin
0,49883,0,0,jump rate 1 coin
0,49884,1,0,jump rate 1 coin
0,49885,0,0,jump rate 1 coin
0,50194,1,0,weak enemies
0,50322,1,0,weak enemies
0,50450,1,0,weak enemies
0,50578,1,0,weak enemies
0,50706,1,0,weak enemies
0,50834,1,0,weak enemies
0,50962,1,0,weak enemies
0,51090,1,0,weak enemies
0,54544,0,0,temple boss door open
0,54548,48,0,temple boss door open
0,58152,1,0,stage boss door open
0,58160,1,0,big door open
0,58168,1,0,big door open
0,58176,1,0,big door open
Benoît Delvaux

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