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Posted by A.nonymous on 2018-02-24 20:53:44

You can put on the Evil-Ring when you are wearing the blue necklace.
Start the Data Disk (disk B) while pressing F3 to get the sound test.

Posted by John Hassink on 2018-03-03 10:19:12

Wearing the Mask of Eyes during the final battle will reduce the size of the gaps that the boss conjures on the platform with 50% (which makes it a lot easier)

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English Walkthrough MSX Nostalgia

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :ys2
!(c) 2005 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2005 Patrick van Arkel
0,258,255,0,exp max
0,259,255,0,exp max
0,260,255,0,magic mp
0,261,255,0,magic mp
0,306,255,0,all swords
0,307,255,0,all armors
0,308,255,0,all shields
0,309,255,0,all magic rods
0,310,255,0,all items
0,311,255,0,all items
0,312,255,0,all items
0,313,255,0,all items
0,323,3,0,magic activated
0,396,255,0,max vitality
0,398,255,0,max strength
0,399,255,0,max defense
0,406,255,0,gold max
0,407,255,0,gold max
Benoît Delvaux

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