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Posted by Hydragon on 2016-05-23 11:36:14

Level 2BIGI
Level 3SNAK
Level 4GRAS
Level 5LADR
Level 62TOW
Level 7ASCI
Level 8LOOP
Level 9ROOM
Level 10AMID
Level 115TOW
Level 12LAKE
Level 13GOLG
Level 14PYR2
Level 15PYR3
Level 16OOBA
Level 17PYR1
Level 18PYR4
Level 19TRAP
Level 20TANK

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :riseout
!(c) 2006 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2006 Patrick van Arkel
!(c) 2007 Benoît Delvaux
0,60416,1,0,x-pos (1-30)
0,60417,2,0,y-pos (2-22)
0,60433,255,0,can open exit door without key
0,60518,1,0,level (1-20;lose a life to get good level)
0,60552,1,0,low speed player 1
0,60552,2,0,normal speed player 1
0,60552,3,0,high speed player 1
0,60553,1,0,low speed player 2
0,60553,2,0,normal speed player 2
0,60553,3,0,high speed player 2
0,60554,1,0,low speed player 3
0,60554,2,0,normal speed player 3
0,60554,3,0,high speed player 3
0,60555,1,0,low speed player 4
0,60555,2,0,normal speed player 4
0,60555,3,0,high speed player 4
0,60689,255,0,first red man x-position
0,60690,191,0,first red man y-position
0,60721,255,0,second red man x-position
0,60722,191,0,second red man y-position
0,60848,152,0,lives player 2
0,60849,152,0,lives player 3
0,60850,152,0,lives player 4
Benoît Delvaux

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