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These files can be applied to a file on MSX using IPS4MSX.

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA) Information:

Multiple IPS Archive (MIA for short) is a file format by BiFi, created to apply IPS files on disks that may have the files on different locations (sectors) of a disk.

This can be applied using the Multi IPS Archive tools.

Description: Submitted by: Type:
Medium: ROM Saccopharynx' Zanac-Ex invincible/99 lives BiFiMSX IPS Patch

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
Description: Submitted by:
!cheats for blueMSX :zanacex
!(c) 2005 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2005 Patrick van Arkel
!(c) 2014 Benoît Delvaux
0,49170,100,0,lives (de-select for final bonus and high score cheat)
0,49171,4,0,primary weapon max level
0,49174,4,0,primary weapon max level
0,49212,0,0,secondary weapon - all range weapon
0,49212,1,0,secondary weapon - straight crusher
0,49212,2,0,secondary weapon - field shutter
0,49212,3,0,secondary weapon - circular weapon
0,49212,4,0,secondary weapon - vibrator
0,49212,5,0,secondary weapon - rewinder
0,49212,6,0,secondary weapon - plasma flash
0,49212,7,0,secondary weapon - high speed weapon
0,49214,255,0,secondary weapon timer or counter
0,49215,3,0,primary weapon max level
0,49216,3,0,primary weapon max level
0,49217,2,0,secondary weapon max level
0,49219,1,0,CONTINUE area (1-12;UP+DOWN+SPACE for 11 and 12)
0,49348,255,0,fortress timer
0,49412,2,0,primary weapon max level
0,49505,2,0,primary weapon max level
0,50198,255,0,set weapon timer on max
0,52216,153,0,get high score (de-select the lives cheat)
Benoît Delvaux

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