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Posted by Kai Magazine on 2016-05-23 23:13:55

Cheat 1: Secret codes;

At the tittle screen write the following passwords + F1 several times until the borders of the screen flash to get extra features.

"ami": the main character will be naked when you play the game

"kai": you will get to a secret menu where you can select all the hentai animated scenes between the stages (exept for the ending hentai scenes)

"end": you will see the full ending of the game


Cheat 2: all hentai scenes are fully interactive pressing several keys on the keyboard.

Usually the cursor keys will control any "falic" element in the screen.

There are many other actions available (depending on each hentai scene) by pressing keys such as 1,2,3, f1, f2, f3, q,w,e,s...


Cheat 3:All Kai Magazine games have a spoon to be found. 

The hidden useless spoon in this game is in the last stage, inside the City hall, just before the final ladders which lead to the final boss. Turn left instead of right to find the spoon inside an statue.

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