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Map MSX Solutions

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Important for BlueMSX cheats! The downloaded .mcf files have to be in the Tools/Cheats/msx subdirectory of blueMSX.
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!cheats for blueMSX :pacmaniamsx2
!(c) 2005 Albert Beevendorp and (c) 2005 Patrick van Arkel
!(c) 2011 Benoît Delvaux
0,51582,7,0,lives player 1
0,51583,7,0,lives player 2
0,52576,255,0,red ghost vulnerable
0,52596,255,0,rose ghost vulnerable
0,52616,255,0,orange ghost vulnerable
0,52636,255,0,blue ghost vulnerable
0,52656,255,0,purple ghost vulnerable
0,52676,255,0,green ghosts vulnerable
0,52696,255,0,green ghosts vulnerable
0,52716,255,0,grey ghosts vulnerable
0,52736,255,0,grey ghosts vulnerable
0,52770,0,0,round (0-22)

Benoît Delvaux